Published on 5 May 2013


To celebrate the anniversary, Antonio Pialorsi decided to welcome his friends, clients and all the people who in 50 years of challenge have been on his side. To do that, a tensile structure was built in the company’s yard.

In those people there were of course his son Orlando, to whom he entrusted the management of the company in 1993.

Here briefly the entrepreneurial activity of Antonio Pialorsi.

He comes from a farming family and in the first 50s he attends the Institute Artigianelli, which trains most of the entrepreneurs of our Valley.

After the studies he works in the technical department of a big company in Sabbio Chiese. But soon Antonio understands that this reality is not suitable for him and his ambitions.

So, after having acquired a good professional experience, in May 1963 he leaves his job and starts a project that will lead him founding different manufacturing companies. First of all, he buys second-hand tools and then he transforms his garage in the laboratory of his first company. In the first 70s the economy of our Valley was very flourishing, and this helped Antonio in creating his fortune.

At the beginning his first clients were entrepreneurs in the neighbor towns; but then Antonio starts to focus on fields like automotive, lightening, and home furniture industry, which required higher-technical-level molds.

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